The Great Pantry Purge.

Today (Last night, really, but I got a little distracted by the Pride & Prejudice miniseries.) begins the Great Pantry Purge of 2011.

Last night was "hatdags" with Kraft mac-and-cheese.
Tonight: Campbell's chicken and dumplings

I'm looking forward to some interesting meals over the next few days!
Confession:  I did have to run to Kroger today for milk, bread, and fruit.  I feel as if those were completely necessary exceptions.

On a side note, students returned from Christmas break today, and they were all so happy to see me! (Not really, but wouldn't that be nice?)  Most everyone was minimally pleasant, and my new seating charts were PERFECT!


A Brave New Year.

Welcome 2011.
I have great plans for you.

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