The Great Pantry Purge.

Today (Last night, really, but I got a little distracted by the Pride & Prejudice miniseries.) begins the Great Pantry Purge of 2011.

Last night was "hatdags" with Kraft mac-and-cheese.
Tonight: Campbell's chicken and dumplings

I'm looking forward to some interesting meals over the next few days!
Confession:  I did have to run to Kroger today for milk, bread, and fruit.  I feel as if those were completely necessary exceptions.

On a side note, students returned from Christmas break today, and they were all so happy to see me! (Not really, but wouldn't that be nice?)  Most everyone was minimally pleasant, and my new seating charts were PERFECT!


A Brave New Year.

Welcome 2011.
I have great plans for you.

Lists. Letters. Races. Books. Recipes. Photos. Travels.

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Lacing up.

Today is September 15.
On December 4th I will run the St. Jude Half-Marathon in Memphis for the second time. 

Why am I not motivated to train!?!?!  Ugh.

Taking the first step is always the hardest for me.  I know that if I just get out there and run, then I will remember how much I enjoy it.
I want to run.
I want to run.
I want to run.

Goals for this year's race:
#1-Beat last year's time (2 hours, 38 minutes...I think)
#2-RUN the entire race....no walking, none, nada
#3-Keep up with Lauren the whole time....Last year she left me at mile 9 when I almost died.  Thank goodness for that Gu I found at the water station!  Luckily I was able to catch her.

I can do this.


5 movies I will always love no matter what.

"I'm a mouse...duh."

1. Disney's Robin Hood
As a kid I would watch this movie then immediately rewind it and watch it again. Sometimes I still do.

2. Dirty Dancing
My friend Layne and I would try to pause the movie at just the right moment to catch a glimpse of Patrick Swayze's booty.  When I watched this movie as an adult, I realized #1: I had no business watching this as a child and #2: I had no earthly idea what was really going on in the movie.

3. Mean Girls
boo....you whore

4. Love Actually
Nice and awkward when watching with parents or someone you don't know quite so well, but something about this film makes me so happy. 

5. X-Men
Really, the whole trilogy plus X-Men Origins:Wolverine.  I could (and have) watched them all in a row.


Wednesday wish list.

I like a theme. I think it's the teacher in me. 
I'm trying this "Wednesday wish list" theme.  I stole the idea.  What's new?

1. Carved Turquoise Birdie and Leaf Lariat with Sterling Silver Chain from  FreshyFig's Etsy shop

2. Anthropologie Hidden Sun Mary Janes (also in turquoise....hmm)

3. A weekend get-away with my honey.

4. I cannot express how much I love this cabinet.



Oatmeal with fresh-picked blueberries.
Folgers in my cup.
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