Movie Monday, 1954

Tonight we watched On the Waterfront. It was the 1954 Oscar-winner for Best Picture. Pretty good. Young Marlon Brando is cute and looks human.

Is it wrong to constantly think of food?

This Friday my awesome brothers and sisters in law along with Steve and I are going on a triple date! So fun! We have plans to see the X-Men Origins Wolverine movie and eat Hibachi (a word I cannot ever spell correctly as politely reminded by my squiggly red line).

I am totally pumped for several reasons.
#1. I love X-Men. Seriously. The first time I ever saw X-Men (mind you this was only 3 years ago) I watched the entire first movie and put in the second movie immediately after the credits rolled. I cannot honestly think of another time when I have watched two movies back-to-back. I don't even think I took a bathroom break. AND I so badly wanted to see X-Men 3 in the theater, I went by myself! It is the only movie I have been to alone.
#2. I love to hang out with my Taylor family. We (mostly they) are super fun and super sarcastic. I love it. Good times always.
#3. WE. ARE. EATING. HIBACHI. (damn you, red line!) Just knowing this is going to get me through the week. (sad, isn't it?)
Plus I hope our chef looks as excited as the dude in the picture above.

Alisa mentioned these plans, I guess in the middle of last week....I haven't stopped thinking about the hibachi since.

What is wrong with me?

ps: Here's a Taylor family photo...at our best, no doubt. When I think about how Faith looks now then look at this picture, it makes me giggle.


soccer and sunburn

These two just go hand in hand....even if I use sunscreen.
Yay for Brilla!
Boo for sunburn!


I'm so cool

Only thanks to Brooke.


Bond, James Bond

Tonight's rendition of Movie Monday was Quantum of Solace, the most recent James Bond flick.
I really liked it! But then again, I like just about anything Daniel Craig is in...sigh.

However, I did not like it more than I like Casino Royale.

My absolute favorite James Bond moment occurs in Casino Royale. During the card game scene, Bond is served a drink. He quickly realizes that the drink is poisoned and immediately jumps up, grabs a salt shaker and an empty glass and heads to the bathroom. After drinking a glass of salt water, puking his guts up, and hooking himself up to a defibrillator in his gagety car-which thankfully keeps him alive, he manages to clean himself up and return to the poker table.

As he sits down, he says, "Sorry guys, that last hand nearly killed me."

I love it! So great.

And, I was pretty badass at Nintendo 64's GoldenEye....007 and I go way back.


Movie Monday

Tonight the Taylors viewed Slumdog Millionaire. It was quite wonderful. I will walk around the rest of the week singing "Jai Ho" and dancing with a scarf.

And I made a delicious shrimp spaghetti thanks to Lauren's recipe and a handy little packet of creamy pesto sauce. Delicious!

AND I ran for 55 minutes tonight! A record!

Jai Ho - Slumdog Millionaire - Awesome video clips here


The excitement over aging...

So, I'm 27 now. It's not such a big deal. Steve says I'm "officially old" now that I have reached the whopping age of 27. I think the fact that it's semi-knocking on 30's door is what causes the slight palpitation in my heart. But, now, looking at life, thirty isn't such a big deal....forty, now that's something to wince about.
Who really cares about age?

The history of the excitement over aging:

15-Yay, I can get a learner's permit and scare my parents and every other human who comes within remote distance of the car I am driving.

16-I'm officially a holder of the driver's license--which in my case didn't matter to a hill of beans because I had no car, my mother drove a van at the time, and my father drove (and still does, bless his heart) a standard, 1985 Toyota pick-up truck.

18--I can....buy cigarettes OR join the military...no thanks, I'll pass.

20-Alright! I'm no longer a teenager. Hmmmm, that means I can no longer blame the stupid things I do on the fact that I am indeed a teenager...crap.

**random tangent: I can remember my best friend, Lauren, calling me the weekend before she was to turn 20...she was freaking out,and it was hilarious.

21-Yes, bartender, I'll have a whatchamadoodle with a splash of something disgustingly fruity. And boy did I. Blech.

25-For some reason I was excited about twenty-five. Maybe I finally felt like I had "grown up" and left my silly, immature days behind me. That doesn't hold true though, because there are still many days when I find myself wondering how on Earth I arrived to a certain present moment in time and still felt like some sort of juvenile.

Now I know there will come a time when aging will become exciting again....AARP card, anyone?
But, I think that the many years in between are just calendars to be crossed off. Time that I will spend living and doing and becoming.

And I'm ok with that.


Movie Monday

Last week Steve and I attempted to watch The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly....it was terrible. After a draining hour and a half we ended up turning it off and watching an episode of Firefly this weird sci-fi western.

This week: Braveheart
It was my first time to see it....wow.

As a side note: Suzanne and I ran 4.2 miles in 41 minutes just prior to the viewing of the movie.