Summer Project Numero Uno.

I like to be busy. This summer I have a number of things I would like to accomplish. I'm starting on that list today.

1. Make curtains for the bedroom.

Mind you, I have never actually sewn anything in my life. I'm just going to wing it; we'll see how it goes.

**Edit: I am such a liar! I HAVE made something, two somethings! I made Christmas stockings for Steve and me this year. Pshaw, I'm a pro. These curtains will be a cinch.


It doesn't hurt that I secretly love this song.

Britain's Got Talent 2009 Aidan Davis Dancing - The best home videos are here

I think I should move to Britain. After all, they do have talent.


To my people who love dogs more than some (most) people.



Running sounds.

I'm training to run a marathon. Usually I run with a friend, Suzanne. However, this week I will have to run some by myself, including a seven mile trek on Saturday. I'm thinking that the key to my future success is going to be Omar---my trusty iPod Nano.

Compiling a list of songs that will encourage me, keep me going, convince me to keep putting one foot in front of the other has become a difficult task. I need upbeat music....

What are you running to?

[I hate ending sentences with the word "to," but how stupid would "To what are you running?" Ugh, lame]


Mulholland drive me off a cliff

Movie Monday was a WASTE of time tonight. Steve and I watched Mulholland Drive. At the moment neither of us has a freakin clue what happened in the movie. I blame Steve for putting it in the Netflix que....although he was mislead by the Netflix summary.