I'm taking a step today.

I'm deleting Sallie Mae from my bookmark toolbar.

I no longer need her.

I owe her nothing.

It's a big step.



Happy. Happy!

It's my sister's birthday (well at least it is for a few more minutes).

We look nothing alike.

She learned everything she knows from me.

We always have fun when we are together.

She's a beauty queen...

and a rock star.

She bakes....

and makes me laugh.

She is my best friend,

and I love her very much.

Happy Birthday, Noele!


Pumpkin Spice Soy Latte...

Oh, how I love you and wish I had $5.08 to spend on you every morning.

Why must life be so cruel and Starbucks so expensive?


Teacher Humor

You might not fully appreciate this if you are not a teacher.



I like today's date...it's the simple things in life, you know.

Just like my feelings for:

1. Diet coke
It must be in a can or a plastic bottle, never poured in a glass or over ice. ick.

2. singing in the choir at church
This is new for me. I am singing alto, and when I actually hit one of the harmonized notes correctly I feel a powerful sense of accomplishment.

3. falling asleep on the couch while a dvd plays
There is something so wonderful about this to me...strange.

4. morning sleep
Why does sleep always feel the best when I have to get up?

5. blueberry PopTarts
New to my breakfast rotation, and climbing the charts!

6. Vera Bradley's new patterns
Hello, cupcake pink and green! Hurry Christmas!

7. a good pen
I will waste a good ten to fifteen minutes looking for a certain pen...ridiculous

8. creative outlets
For example, today I spent time decorating the front of my old, crappy podium with scraps of paper leftover from a student project. Tomorrow I plan on sprucing up my plain clipboard with a Bible verse and some pictures.

9. pictures of myself and others
I know vanity is a sin. You shut up. So is judging others.

10. SHJHS cheerleaders
Did you know I'm the cheerleading sponsor? I was very apprehensive at first, but I am loving every minute! They are a great group of girl!

11. "Never Think"
Rob.ert.Pa.tin.son. It's unhealthy. Really, it is. His voice paralyzes me. That's probably a sin too.

12. a good book
I never have time to read anymore, but I love book suggestions. A teacher-friend just gave me My Sister's Keeper. I haven't seen the movie, but I know it's going to require some tissues.

13. Damien Rice
I have been using his photo as a bookmark for the past four years. It's Steven's fault; he introduced us.

14. the feeling I get after a good run
Not necessarily the feeling I get during the run, but the accomplishment and exhaustion feels good, like I've done something.

15. cute animal things
You know, puppies, kittens. like this. or this. and this. especially this.


The end of my Labor Day.

I'm sitting on the couch basking in the aroma of Ben-Gay, drinking chocolate milk.

Ah, the smell of defeat...and the taste of comfort.

Christmas Wish #1

I must have this.

It's already on my thingsiwant.com list.


7.5...starting over

I ran 7.5 miles this morning...well, I ran most of it anyway. I am training to run a half-marathon, the St. Jude in December. Yet I rarely find the time to run. My days are long, starting before 5:45. I'm on my feet all day; I'm the teacher who never sits down. My after-school activities with cheerleading, meetings, and church keep me away from the house until 6:00 or later. I'm mentally and physically exhausted by the time I get home. Forget laundry or washing dishes, I have papers to grade, and a pageant to plan. Time runs away from me.

But those are just excuses. That's all.

Today I started over. 7.5 was a huge feat to begin this new dedication (especially after a two week hiatus), but I set a goal. And in order for me to achieve that goal, I must make time to train.

I owe it to myself.


Check it out.

I've made some changes.
And I am super proud of myself.


Fix the box!

I cannot figure out how to move the lovely Sam Bean found below over so that the writings on my side bar are visible. Any ideas?

ew, and I must fix the yellow "e" as my signature.


Just sway.

This song does something to me that I cannot explain. Never mind that this is from my favorite scene of Twilight because, let's face it, who wouldn't want ole Robert Pattinson's lips pressed to her neck?
Something about the flow of the music, the words, the beautiful harmony (which is not present here since it's a solo go-sorry for that) just makes my heart swell in a full, joy-feeling way that I cannot adequately describe.
I just close my eyes and sway. And press repeat. mmmmm....


Summer Project Numero Uno.

I like to be busy. This summer I have a number of things I would like to accomplish. I'm starting on that list today.

1. Make curtains for the bedroom.

Mind you, I have never actually sewn anything in my life. I'm just going to wing it; we'll see how it goes.

**Edit: I am such a liar! I HAVE made something, two somethings! I made Christmas stockings for Steve and me this year. Pshaw, I'm a pro. These curtains will be a cinch.


It doesn't hurt that I secretly love this song.

Britain's Got Talent 2009 Aidan Davis Dancing - The best home videos are here

I think I should move to Britain. After all, they do have talent.


To my people who love dogs more than some (most) people.



Running sounds.

I'm training to run a marathon. Usually I run with a friend, Suzanne. However, this week I will have to run some by myself, including a seven mile trek on Saturday. I'm thinking that the key to my future success is going to be Omar---my trusty iPod Nano.

Compiling a list of songs that will encourage me, keep me going, convince me to keep putting one foot in front of the other has become a difficult task. I need upbeat music....

What are you running to?

[I hate ending sentences with the word "to," but how stupid would "To what are you running?" Ugh, lame]


Mulholland drive me off a cliff

Movie Monday was a WASTE of time tonight. Steve and I watched Mulholland Drive. At the moment neither of us has a freakin clue what happened in the movie. I blame Steve for putting it in the Netflix que....although he was mislead by the Netflix summary.


Movie Monday, 1954

Tonight we watched On the Waterfront. It was the 1954 Oscar-winner for Best Picture. Pretty good. Young Marlon Brando is cute and looks human.

Is it wrong to constantly think of food?

This Friday my awesome brothers and sisters in law along with Steve and I are going on a triple date! So fun! We have plans to see the X-Men Origins Wolverine movie and eat Hibachi (a word I cannot ever spell correctly as politely reminded by my squiggly red line).

I am totally pumped for several reasons.
#1. I love X-Men. Seriously. The first time I ever saw X-Men (mind you this was only 3 years ago) I watched the entire first movie and put in the second movie immediately after the credits rolled. I cannot honestly think of another time when I have watched two movies back-to-back. I don't even think I took a bathroom break. AND I so badly wanted to see X-Men 3 in the theater, I went by myself! It is the only movie I have been to alone.
#2. I love to hang out with my Taylor family. We (mostly they) are super fun and super sarcastic. I love it. Good times always.
#3. WE. ARE. EATING. HIBACHI. (damn you, red line!) Just knowing this is going to get me through the week. (sad, isn't it?)
Plus I hope our chef looks as excited as the dude in the picture above.

Alisa mentioned these plans, I guess in the middle of last week....I haven't stopped thinking about the hibachi since.

What is wrong with me?

ps: Here's a Taylor family photo...at our best, no doubt. When I think about how Faith looks now then look at this picture, it makes me giggle.


soccer and sunburn

These two just go hand in hand....even if I use sunscreen.
Yay for Brilla!
Boo for sunburn!


I'm so cool

Only thanks to Brooke.


Bond, James Bond

Tonight's rendition of Movie Monday was Quantum of Solace, the most recent James Bond flick.
I really liked it! But then again, I like just about anything Daniel Craig is in...sigh.

However, I did not like it more than I like Casino Royale.

My absolute favorite James Bond moment occurs in Casino Royale. During the card game scene, Bond is served a drink. He quickly realizes that the drink is poisoned and immediately jumps up, grabs a salt shaker and an empty glass and heads to the bathroom. After drinking a glass of salt water, puking his guts up, and hooking himself up to a defibrillator in his gagety car-which thankfully keeps him alive, he manages to clean himself up and return to the poker table.

As he sits down, he says, "Sorry guys, that last hand nearly killed me."

I love it! So great.

And, I was pretty badass at Nintendo 64's GoldenEye....007 and I go way back.


Movie Monday

Tonight the Taylors viewed Slumdog Millionaire. It was quite wonderful. I will walk around the rest of the week singing "Jai Ho" and dancing with a scarf.

And I made a delicious shrimp spaghetti thanks to Lauren's recipe and a handy little packet of creamy pesto sauce. Delicious!

AND I ran for 55 minutes tonight! A record!

Jai Ho - Slumdog Millionaire - Awesome video clips here


The excitement over aging...

So, I'm 27 now. It's not such a big deal. Steve says I'm "officially old" now that I have reached the whopping age of 27. I think the fact that it's semi-knocking on 30's door is what causes the slight palpitation in my heart. But, now, looking at life, thirty isn't such a big deal....forty, now that's something to wince about.
Who really cares about age?

The history of the excitement over aging:

15-Yay, I can get a learner's permit and scare my parents and every other human who comes within remote distance of the car I am driving.

16-I'm officially a holder of the driver's license--which in my case didn't matter to a hill of beans because I had no car, my mother drove a van at the time, and my father drove (and still does, bless his heart) a standard, 1985 Toyota pick-up truck.

18--I can....buy cigarettes OR join the military...no thanks, I'll pass.

20-Alright! I'm no longer a teenager. Hmmmm, that means I can no longer blame the stupid things I do on the fact that I am indeed a teenager...crap.

**random tangent: I can remember my best friend, Lauren, calling me the weekend before she was to turn 20...she was freaking out,and it was hilarious.

21-Yes, bartender, I'll have a whatchamadoodle with a splash of something disgustingly fruity. And boy did I. Blech.

25-For some reason I was excited about twenty-five. Maybe I finally felt like I had "grown up" and left my silly, immature days behind me. That doesn't hold true though, because there are still many days when I find myself wondering how on Earth I arrived to a certain present moment in time and still felt like some sort of juvenile.

Now I know there will come a time when aging will become exciting again....AARP card, anyone?
But, I think that the many years in between are just calendars to be crossed off. Time that I will spend living and doing and becoming.

And I'm ok with that.


Movie Monday

Last week Steve and I attempted to watch The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly....it was terrible. After a draining hour and a half we ended up turning it off and watching an episode of Firefly this weird sci-fi western.

This week: Braveheart
It was my first time to see it....wow.

As a side note: Suzanne and I ran 4.2 miles in 41 minutes just prior to the viewing of the movie.


I'm sure you've seen this

and even if you have, you should watch it again.

Believing in my dreams.


A question.

How do you feel about this?


I cannot begin to tell you how proud this makes me...sigh

In response to the Clarion Ledger's article, "Jackson Mayor's Aide Arrested at Parade," Avenger had this to say:

I have never seen this type of mess in all my years on this earth. Black people struggle, fought, suffered and die so that Black People could be treated as equals and now we have Black (Blacks for Profit) in leadership positions acting like they are above the law. These people are the same as the Ku -Klux-Klan on difference is that they do their dirt in wide open day light and only against other Blacks people. Just look at the fact's accused people of comitting crimes all Black, trying to close night club, owned by Blacks, they destroy a house that is own by a Black and a Black Person live their. Can't you see these people are out of control!!! These people need to be shipped to Iraq because they are trying to do the same thing Hussein did there, forcing their leadership on all the Black people like we don't have the sense to stand up for our rights. We didn't ask them to be our slave masters!


Movie Monday

This week Steve and I watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
I liked it! Jack Nicholson has this wonderful crazy-beautiful thing going for him.

Rent it.
Netflix it.
You should see it.

Oprah is full of crap.

Really, is c-r-a-p offensive? Sometimes I spell it out because in my mind that makes it less of a "bad word." Mr. T is most likely going to tear up that statement because he adopts a strong belief system about "bad words" and what makes them "bad". Anyway, my third grade students firmly believed that crap was indeed a bad word. I know, I know, what kind of adult would say crap to a classroom of third graders--well, me, but only once, er, or twice.

This is NOT what I intended this post to be about. At all.

How weird.

Amanda is jumping in Italy. I am sneezing in Mississippi.

I'd rather be sneezing in Italy. Or drinking wine. And eating PASTA. Oh, pasta, how I miss you---more on this later; there's a new diet in town.

Check out these people.
They are debt free. I'm impressed. Steve says it's because of child labor. Either way, pretty cool.

My students in first period today were talking about Bonsai...the restaurant, not the tree; although the trees are pretty cool.
I killed a Bonsai tree once.

Fun fact: Steve and I went on our first "date" to Bonsai. We were in eighth grade. I wore an atrocious green polo shirt. And PoFolks on Ellis Avenue burned down that day.

“Is it weird in here, or is it just me?”

Today I was walking down the hall at school with a banana in my hand and had the strongest urge to hold it up to my face like a telephone. And I did.

I can only play two songs from memory on the piano...the Battle Hymn of the Republic and the Star Wars Ceremony theme. And I don't even play them in the correct rhythm.

Today, I also slipped on a student's backpack (my foot went through the arm strap and I skidded across the floor making some squealy, startled noise--students love it when this happens) as I was walking around my classroom, and I pulled something in my back. It's getting stiffer by the minute!

One day I hope to be able (read: to afford) to make things organically and from scratch--pizza sauce, biscuits, pasta, and other random delicious things, not because I think they are healthier (which they probably are), or because I want to be "granola" (a term I just heard recently), but simply because I CAN. (I do kinda want to be granola though; hence my mission to grow out my long, wavy hippie locks again.)

Oh. my. gosh.
I just realized what a "BLONDie" is! It's (kinda) the opposite of a BROWNie!
I'm a genius.

The printer in my classroom HATES me. Boo.


Read it.

As a child I loved to read. As an adult, I still do, but it makes me sleepy. I'm trying to read more.

Here's what's in the forecast:

Right now:
The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck
For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn

Coming soon:
The Reason for God by Timothy Keller
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
A Separate Peace by John Knowles
Animal Farm by George Orwell (blech!)


A new plan

If I get the idea of starting a new plan, be it a "diet," an exercise plan, or some sort of bettering agenda, I can never seem to begin in the middle of some week. I must always wait for the beginning of a month OR a Monday.

So weird.

Well, tomorrow is Monday.

I tend to over-set my goals. I think I just made up that term, but anyway...
I want to be healthier. Always. So if I make a goal to exercise this week, I will also make a goal to eat healthier, which really means to eat less. BUT, when I exercise, I want to eat MORE.

It's such a horrible cycle.

It will never work, but tomorrow I will try (again and again) to exercise more and eat less.

I have recently learned that a few specific goals can help one achieve her desired results more easily because of some psychological mambo jambo, so here it goes...

Specific goals:
1. Eat fewer carbs ( I can already here Steve: carbs aren't bad!. Yes, honey, I know. But Erin + carbs = balloon effect. Not lovely. Plus, I said FEWER, not ZERO.
2. Exercise for at least 30 minutes each day. Now, this seems like crap, I know, but I have to start small. I just do. I dream of P 90 X, but we'll see.
3. Limit myself to one sweet item each day. I could probably cut this to one every other day, but I'll wait until next week for that.
4. DRINK WATER! (I do this, but sometimes I forget and get a diet coke from the drink machine. Mmmm, diet coke, how I'll miss you.)

Wish me luck.


And one more for the road

Every Monday Steve and I watch a movie.

We call this MOVIE MONDAY.
I LOVE movie Monday.

Thanks to Netflix we are broadening our feature film horizons. We sometimes go in themes such as Oscar-winners OR movies Erin should have seen by now. (I can go ahead and say that most movies fall under this category.)

Steve usually gets to pick the movie for two reasons:
#1-As previously stated, I have not seen many good movies.
#2-If by some small (very small, I assure you wink, wink) chance I fall asleep during the movie, Steve is still happy.

In the past few months/years, I guess--we began this way before getting married or even engaged--I snoozed through the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the Star Wars trilogy, I Heart Huckabees (yuck), Lost in Translation (good nap there), and so on and so on... I did actually stick with the LOTR and Star Wars until I watched every second of each movie (not necessarily in one sitting). I REALLY liked them!

Steve has a super-long list of movies that I will be attempting to watch.

This Monday we watched:
The Gnome Mobile

Erin's rating:
Eh, it was good. Apparently it's a kid-classic. How can I not like a classic?

A letter to Amanda

Dear Amanda,

So I was thinking, if by some chance you need to go to India for your 30th birthday trip, I am willing to sacrifice myself and escort you on this venture. I know, it will be tough to take off of work or even find the funds to support this astronomical event, but I might be willing to sell my car.

Umm, kay. That's all.


We have a problem, a big, orange problem.

I have been asked to play in a faculty / staff basketball game.
*insert music: dum, dadumdum duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum

I, the shortest teacher on my hall...
I, the once-athletic girl who WISHED with all her might that she could successfully dribble a basketball down-court without pinging it off of her foot...
I, the girl who consistently fouled out of CHURCH basketball in the second quarter because she couldn't remember not to shoulder charge her opponent (in her defense, she was playing indoor soccer at the same time)...
I, the clutz who preferred to run sprints barefooted in soccer on the rainy days when we would practice in the junior high gym (not sure why we did that anyway) because I would trip over my tennis shoes...
I, the moron who did indeed score a basket (woop, two points!) ONCE for my FBCC basketball team, only to realize it was for the other team (this is for real, I would never bring this type of false embarrassment to myself)...
I, the cool teacher who will never again be considered cool after air-balling my jump shot...

have been asked to put all of these things on display in front of over 300 ninth graders.

Kids are mean.

I am doomed.


Feels like home to me

Well, after several faces, I have decided to keep this lovely "stitch" as my blog face. I tried others, but they weren't me. Too professional. Too sterile.

I like this. I feel that it is a nice mixture of color and calm.

I hope your eyes enjoy. :)

What's in that?

My health insurance company sends out a monthly email newsletter. This is one of the few email newsletters that I actually read. It is usually full of interesting facts about being healthy (something I am always trying to work on), new recipes, ways to save money (strange topic for health insurance, but I think they link it to stress management), and various other things.
Like I said, I read the newsletter every time it appears in my Gmail box.

This week there was an article entitled "Are Plastic Food Containers Safe?" Well, I sure hope so! I use them all the time. Right now, in my lunch box there is a plastic container of cereal and a smaller one of raisins (healthy!). Everyday for the past year and a half I have taken my PLASTIC water bottle to school so that I am not tempted to buy something from the drink machine (healthy AND saving money! I should write for those newsletter guys!). We store leftovers, cookies, cupcakes (er, not so healthy), and other food items in them at home all the time!
Now I'm worried.

I like to pretend that I am one of those "organic, green" people who cares about the environment and doesn't eat things with random pesticides or other products squirted over them in the growing process, but I must confess....it's a facade. I WANT to be that, but I'll just as soon drive to the convenient store which is less than half a mile to buy a product encased in a non-recyclable Styrofoam container without thinking twice about it. Plus, it's EXPENSIVE to be so picky about things, and right now, as you know, Mr. Ramsey is the master of our finances...I digress.

The article pointed out one major chemical that is found in plastic containers: Bisphenol A, also referred to as BPA. This chemical is in some plastic baby bottles and “sippy” cups, transparent water bottles, harder plastic containers and the lining of canned foods The article suggests looking the the recycling code that contains a number which can be found on most plastic products. It states, "The number that you don’t want is 7, which tends to appear on BPA-containing plastics." So, as I take a swig from my good 'old Nalgene water bottle that proudly adorns the stickers I collected from the Bishop Family cross country National Lampoon Style vacation in the summer of 2007 (I'll have to tell that story soon.) I start a mental list of items to check:
1. Glad ware containers we use for sandwich meat
2. Ziplock bags (I don't even know if this qualifies, but I'm checking!)
3. Water bottles-including beloved Nalgene water bottle (btw, it took me forever on the trip to pick out this water bottle, mostly because I am super obsessive and wanted it to be "perfect." How in heaven's name can a water bottle be perfect? I don't know, but this one is.

Since I'm at school, I have that Nalgene bottle with me. Here's how the rest plays out:

Hmmm, what else do I have that is hard plastic? Oh, my trusty Nalgene bottle here...
Oh, wow, I can hardly read that recycling code...what is that, Z? What kind of code is that? Oh, not Z...7 seven s-e-v-e-n

Well, crap. I'm gonna get the itis*.

I'm doing further research, because I do want to be healthy. If you, too, are interested, here's what I've found so far:
BPA Summary at EcoPage
BPA Free Portal

*Steve refers to all sorts of "illness" as the itis. Not know how to explain it, I entrusted my knowledge to Google search.
itis- a form of any random disease as deemed by one, Steve Taylor; a "food coma;" or according to www.urbandictionary.com, an STD.
I may not be using this term any longer. I fear that my beloved husband has lead my vocabulary astray.


HTML is the devil.

I am frustrated with this stuff! I wanted a nice, functional blog, but I am getting bogged down in the HTML coding. I found a few that I like, but every time I attempt to upload and save, blogger refuses to accept my changes. It is giving me some strange letter/number combination that it expects me to translate into human language.

Oh well...

It's Movie Monday, so I am giving up for now.


And on the eighth day...

God created the digital converter box and TV antennas.

We have TV!

Steve and I spent most of the day lying on the couch watching food shows that were paying tribute to Mardi Gras (a phenomenon I will never understand).
We also caught an episode of Bob Ross. May he rest in peace.

A perfect, lazy Saturday.


As if her blogging weren't already a indication of laziness

Erin is too tired--or in my opinion, lazy--to write her own post this afternoon. So, I'm typing as she dictates. "Um . . . oh crap, I just lost it. No no no." (unintelligible moaning and mumbling). "haaah! Those are so giggles. Erase that. Should I write about how hungry I am or what I'm reading? What's that band that sings 'eeeeeyeeeee meeeeees yoooooooo'? What's that band?" After a long pause, "The title should be 'Steve says.' Wait, no, that's misleading. 'Captain Steve at your service.'" Then she giggles to herself again. "I'm taking a nap."


So later we can live like noone else.

Dave Ramsey is a genius. Not really, but sometimes it takes some loud, bald guy shouting common sense things into a radio microphone for it to sink in.
Dave Ramsey believes in being DEBT FREE. Holy crap. I know. No credit card? Nope, no sir-re, not at all. I am proud to say that I have NEVER owned a credit card. Steve, well, ahem, hmmm.
Before we started dating Steve worried me to death about making a budget. He told me that buying my brand new car was stupid. He told me that I should pay extra on my student loans when it came time to start paying them off. I thought he was weird. He'd come visit me while I conducted study hall for the MC women's soccer team-I was the grad assistant at the time and Coach thought the girls needed to study more. Why he left me to do that, Lord only knows. I was working at Hal & Mal's and did not have a steady/consistent income of any sort, so that made budgeting difficult for me, at least that was my excuse. Looking back now, I probably could have done a much better job with it, but I did. not. care. I just liked that Steve would come and spend time fussing over me...those lips and all. hehe
After getting a "real job" I started working my baby steps. First I paid off my car early. Now, I could have done this more quickly, but I went on a few trips, bought some clothes, went to Wal-Mart, you know, crap. I was mildly focused. When Steve and I became engaged last April, I had been working for months on my stinking Sallie Mae student loans. It was hard to decide how to save money for the wedding and still work diligently on the debt. I probably didn't do a good job on this. Plus Steve and I spent the summer living in Austin, Texas with our friends Katie and Nick. We didn't work. At all. We just played. It was fun....but a little expensive.
Well, now we are married. Steve and I are devoted bugdeteers. I hear many newly weds complain about a budget, with this tone that makes my stomach churn a little.
I l-o-v-e, LOVE making our monthly budget! It's a challenge to see just how much money we can put on the Sallie Mae fund each month. It makes me so excited. I am proud to say that by the time we have been married ONE YEAR we, Steve & Erin Taylor will be DEBT FREE! I wonder if we'll call in to the Dave Ramsey radio show and shout, WE'RE DEBT FREE! with Braveheart shout FREEDOM in the background behind us...what a sweet sound.

Since this idea of living debt free is not beyond us, Steve and I have enrolled in FPU-Financial Peace University at a local church. We go every Wednesday from 6-8 and learn exciting new things about what we will and should be doing with all of this mulah we will have after we are debt free.
I think that you should take a look at his stuff. It's not unreasonable, really. It's painful, sure. Not buying shoes for a year sends me into a slight depression. It's hard, of course. It's a SACRIFICE. Steve occasionally has to go weeks without eating at The Hat. This is sad for him, and for me too. Although, when we are out of debt, we will be spending every Wednesday with Saul, Simon, and the other friendly gentlemen who refer to my husband as "tortuga" and ask him if he is borracho every time we go in there.
I've decided that I am going to make a list of other things we will do or buy when we are DEBT FREE. Until I learn to make a lovely side page, I will periodically just list here those items.

I will start with a few:
1. A new washing machine
This is a must because the one we have now often floods the kitchen.I'd like to dream big and hope for one of the lovely front-loading, energy-saving ones, in either turquoise or tangerine orange.
2. A new dryer
Like I was going to get a new washer without it's dryer mate. Geez.
3. A NEW BED! And a HUGE one at that. The bed Steve and I share is as old as dirt, and we are ready for a new one!
I love shoes. Love them. Love them. I have agreed not to purchase any shoes (or any clothing for that matter) for the duration of our debt snowball. I plan on getting a lovely pair of boots for Christmas next year!

Now, go cut up your credit card!

Inflection means everything

You have to listen for the what?


Today's Big Thing is quite the source of enjoyment for Steve and me. You should check some of the backdated posts such as Laughing Gas Kid, Kittens Riding a Roomba, Mr. Jones, and Kitten Killed by Pretend Gun .


I should have been a cowboy...pretending it's Monday

Last night (Sunday really, but we're pretending it's Monday) I went to the Dixie National Rodeo in Jackson with my family.
And I mean FAMILY.
All of them. (well, minus Cole, Tia, Uncle Bobby, and the Sevin sisters)

My cousin Lindsey is Miss Dixie National.
This is Lindsey with my sister. I bet you can guess which is which.

She is amazing. She knows more about horses and livestock than I will ever know, and she's only 17. Sooooo, the entire Bishop clan gathers together to support her. We watch and cheer our butts off as she rides in gracefully on her horse, sparkly shirt and all. She waves and beams a smile that will knock you on your seat, truly. Now, I have ridden a horse before, several times actually. At one point in my life I actually knew how to saddle one myself (there is more to it than you think). However, I never could manage feel steady on those animals at a higher rate of speed than a walk. Once the horse would start that bouncy trot thing, I was flopping all over the place like grandma arm fat. (Sorry, had to. One of my little cousins used to do this to Nanny. She'd come up and jiggle the fatty part of the arm and laugh so hard. Ah the memories...)

I love the rodeo. I like the smells, the sounds, and the glory of a good 'ole American cowboy. I want to live out West, on the prairie with miles and miles of grass, cows, horses, and sunset. I love it. The idea of this gives me a sense of peace. Fresh air and the the thought of being away from the busyness makes my heart smile.
I've been reading a blog called Pioneer Woman. I love her. I want to be her. Or at least live with her. She has this kind of "cowboy" life of which I dream. She is moving from way before sunup to I'm sure way after sundown, but her life is so glamorous to me. She cooks in an extraordinary kitchen, home schools her children, and takes AMAZING photographs of her glorious surroundings.
Since neither the husband nor I are especially knowledgeable of oh, I don't know, horses, ranching, cattle, or gardening, this life is pretty much out of the picture for me.

Gosh how I love it though!

In honor of my dreams of being a cowboy or at least prairie woman, I decided to make some Mexican Casserole. This recipe came from a sweet lady who often feeds a slew of real-life cowboys on a regular basis. It's easy and delicious! I served it with corn, and if you are like me and like crunchy food, grab a bag of salty corn chips too (not Fritos though, yuck!).

Mexican Casserole
2 pounds of hamburger meat
1 chopped onion1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can Enchilada sauce
1 can cream of chicken soup
3/4 pound of Velveeta cheese (sliced)
1 can ranch style beans
flour tortillas

1. Brown meat and onion (drain)
2. In a separate bowl, mix beans, soups, and enchilada sauce
3. Mix in onion and meat.
4. Layer tortillas and sliced cheese in a casserole dish.
5. Pour 1/2 of meat mixture on top.
6. Place another layer of tortillas and cheese on the meat mixture.
7. Pour remaining meat mixture on top.
8. Bake for 35-40 minutes at 350 degrees.



so sad

The Intertron is on the fritz at the casa de Taylor, but I'm working on a good one! Look for cowboys, cooking, and sheer joy in the next episode!


'Cause we're all in the mood for a melody

I listen to bad music. Usually.
Steve complains about it, refuses to share his presence with my tunes of choice.
Some of my favorites include (but are not limited to):

Beyonce (you know how much white girls love to dance)
Miley Cyrus (shut up)
NSync's Christmas album (never mind the time of year)
Mamma Mia (here I go again...)
John Denver
Steven Curtis Chapman
and so on...

I l-o-v-e it. The louder and cheesier, the better.
However, occasionally I connect with one of those "oldies but goodies" in light of my musical preference condition.

Steve will at times randomly burst into song. This drives me crazy, especially if I am in quiet mode and he cranks the volume to sing as loudly as possible. The other night he starts in on "We Didn't Start the Fire." After several failed attempts at my guessing ANY of the correct lyrics, he sings most of the song. This, by the way, amazes me because I:

#1-have no idea who wrote or sings this song nor what the guy is saying in it
#2-cannot remember the last time I heard it
#3-somehow think this is something we studied in 6th grade ACCENT, but neither Steven nor I can say for sure, AND how can he remember ALL those words?

I go into inquisitor mode--who wrote this? who sings this? what does this mean? what does that mean?

YouTube and iTunes come to the rescue here.

And I fall deeply in love. I think it's the synthesizer at the beginning. Seriously.

Harry Truman.
Doris Day.
Red China.
Johnny Ray.
South Pacific.
Walter Wentzel.
Joe DiMaggio.

(That was just to prove to Steve that I knew some of the words.)
I only listened to it a dozen times while cleaning my house last night.

This song has merely been my gateway drug into his world. How I never even noticed him is beyond me. His voice is amazing. You should definitely check out "The Downeaster, Alexa" and revisit "Uptown Girl," "For the Longest Time," and "She's Got a Way."

If there's a fan club, sign me up!

I'm posting this video from teachertube (shut up again) because I really like it. I plan on using it in my classroom one day soon.

Keep on fighting!

so true...

This is just too funny!


Makeover and a half

Oh Lord...
I've created a monster here. I can't decided on a template or background. Everything is too colorful. It makes me dizzy.

I'm bummed. Any suggestions?


Holding my breath.

I just watched the newest episode of Heroes.


freshman frenzied

Teaching ninth graders is quite an experience.
I love my job. One year ago (when I taught third graders) I'm not sure if I would have said that.
Changing jobs has truly been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done for myself. I had no idea that teaching high school kids could be so much fun. Everyday is a joy.
That's not to say that we don't have bad days. Today, for example, one of my students decided to flip her you-know-what in first period. And, if one gets going, they ALL chime in. Some on the side of the student who is feeling the need to pitch a fourteen-year-old fit; some on the side of poor Mrs. Bishop (they still can't get that right).
A bad attitude is the one thing that I cannot handle, from anyone. Never has been. I hate hate hate a bad attitude. Today that kid got me. I have a temper. Some people are surprised to hear me say this, but I feel this is true. I often have a good hold on my emotions (in public at least) and can keep my thoughts/actions/feelings hidden. Not today.
I felt my face flush.
My breath shortened.
Every muscle in my body tensed up.

Somehow, someway instead of yelling at this girl, which, let's be honest here, is REALLY what I wanted to do, I kept silent. I wanted to give her one of those good movie moment teacher-gets-in-a-student's face and goes off scenerios, but I knew that would blow my credibility as the laid back teacher that I've worked so hard to build over last few months. Whew...it was close though. Really close.

I did manage, through clenched teeth, to order the class to read Romeo and Juliet silently to themselves. As if they were actually going to do that and get anything out of it.

This lasted for about 5 minutes.

After Mrs. Bishop Taylor regained her composure, we proceeded to hurl Shakespearean insults at one another.

Thou purpled onion-eyed rabbit sucker!

Such fun.


Getting started....

One of my favorite things to do is create. My friend Cooper always laughs when it is time to start a new video game because he knows I could spend HOURS changing the hair, eyes, nose, or any other feature offered for my character in the game. When I had an active World of Warcraft account, I would often venture to other servers to simply create new characters.
I have several blank canvases in my closet at the moment.
Having given my disclaimer, I now confess, that I do not know how faithful I will be to this endeavor...time will tell.
Perhaps this is a new season. A season of creating and completing projects.