'Cause we're all in the mood for a melody

I listen to bad music. Usually.
Steve complains about it, refuses to share his presence with my tunes of choice.
Some of my favorites include (but are not limited to):

Beyonce (you know how much white girls love to dance)
Miley Cyrus (shut up)
NSync's Christmas album (never mind the time of year)
Mamma Mia (here I go again...)
John Denver
Steven Curtis Chapman
and so on...

I l-o-v-e it. The louder and cheesier, the better.
However, occasionally I connect with one of those "oldies but goodies" in light of my musical preference condition.

Steve will at times randomly burst into song. This drives me crazy, especially if I am in quiet mode and he cranks the volume to sing as loudly as possible. The other night he starts in on "We Didn't Start the Fire." After several failed attempts at my guessing ANY of the correct lyrics, he sings most of the song. This, by the way, amazes me because I:

#1-have no idea who wrote or sings this song nor what the guy is saying in it
#2-cannot remember the last time I heard it
#3-somehow think this is something we studied in 6th grade ACCENT, but neither Steven nor I can say for sure, AND how can he remember ALL those words?

I go into inquisitor mode--who wrote this? who sings this? what does this mean? what does that mean?

YouTube and iTunes come to the rescue here.

And I fall deeply in love. I think it's the synthesizer at the beginning. Seriously.

Harry Truman.
Doris Day.
Red China.
Johnny Ray.
South Pacific.
Walter Wentzel.
Joe DiMaggio.

(That was just to prove to Steve that I knew some of the words.)
I only listened to it a dozen times while cleaning my house last night.

This song has merely been my gateway drug into his world. How I never even noticed him is beyond me. His voice is amazing. You should definitely check out "The Downeaster, Alexa" and revisit "Uptown Girl," "For the Longest Time," and "She's Got a Way."

If there's a fan club, sign me up!

I'm posting this video from teachertube (shut up again) because I really like it. I plan on using it in my classroom one day soon.

Keep on fighting!


  1. Favorite Billy Joel song - "Vienna"

  2. Erin - I stumbled across this today whilst being bored at work. Yes, we did study the song in 6th grade Accent!! We had a lesson the Fifties (I believe) and we listened to the song, and researched what Billy Joel was talking about. Then we learned to dance...ah memories. This is Stephanie Palmertree by the way...


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