freshman frenzied

Teaching ninth graders is quite an experience.
I love my job. One year ago (when I taught third graders) I'm not sure if I would have said that.
Changing jobs has truly been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done for myself. I had no idea that teaching high school kids could be so much fun. Everyday is a joy.
That's not to say that we don't have bad days. Today, for example, one of my students decided to flip her you-know-what in first period. And, if one gets going, they ALL chime in. Some on the side of the student who is feeling the need to pitch a fourteen-year-old fit; some on the side of poor Mrs. Bishop (they still can't get that right).
A bad attitude is the one thing that I cannot handle, from anyone. Never has been. I hate hate hate a bad attitude. Today that kid got me. I have a temper. Some people are surprised to hear me say this, but I feel this is true. I often have a good hold on my emotions (in public at least) and can keep my thoughts/actions/feelings hidden. Not today.
I felt my face flush.
My breath shortened.
Every muscle in my body tensed up.

Somehow, someway instead of yelling at this girl, which, let's be honest here, is REALLY what I wanted to do, I kept silent. I wanted to give her one of those good movie moment teacher-gets-in-a-student's face and goes off scenerios, but I knew that would blow my credibility as the laid back teacher that I've worked so hard to build over last few months. Whew...it was close though. Really close.

I did manage, through clenched teeth, to order the class to read Romeo and Juliet silently to themselves. As if they were actually going to do that and get anything out of it.

This lasted for about 5 minutes.

After Mrs. Bishop Taylor regained her composure, we proceeded to hurl Shakespearean insults at one another.

Thou purpled onion-eyed rabbit sucker!

Such fun.

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  1. I know all of those feelings... the flushed face, the rapid heart beat, the overwhelming desire to scream at the top your lungs and let them see what a real temper tantrum looks like... yeah...

    I had no patience with disrespect, but 8th graders were the KINGS and QUEENS of it. My word. Seriously, just thinking about it is making my blood pressure skyrocket!

    But hey, as long as she didn't, "bite her thumb at thee."


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