I cannot begin to tell you how proud this makes me...sigh

In response to the Clarion Ledger's article, "Jackson Mayor's Aide Arrested at Parade," Avenger had this to say:

I have never seen this type of mess in all my years on this earth. Black people struggle, fought, suffered and die so that Black People could be treated as equals and now we have Black (Blacks for Profit) in leadership positions acting like they are above the law. These people are the same as the Ku -Klux-Klan on difference is that they do their dirt in wide open day light and only against other Blacks people. Just look at the fact's accused people of comitting crimes all Black, trying to close night club, owned by Blacks, they destroy a house that is own by a Black and a Black Person live their. Can't you see these people are out of control!!! These people need to be shipped to Iraq because they are trying to do the same thing Hussein did there, forcing their leadership on all the Black people like we don't have the sense to stand up for our rights. We didn't ask them to be our slave masters!

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