Bond, James Bond

Tonight's rendition of Movie Monday was Quantum of Solace, the most recent James Bond flick.
I really liked it! But then again, I like just about anything Daniel Craig is in...sigh.

However, I did not like it more than I like Casino Royale.

My absolute favorite James Bond moment occurs in Casino Royale. During the card game scene, Bond is served a drink. He quickly realizes that the drink is poisoned and immediately jumps up, grabs a salt shaker and an empty glass and heads to the bathroom. After drinking a glass of salt water, puking his guts up, and hooking himself up to a defibrillator in his gagety car-which thankfully keeps him alive, he manages to clean himself up and return to the poker table.

As he sits down, he says, "Sorry guys, that last hand nearly killed me."

I love it! So great.

And, I was pretty badass at Nintendo 64's GoldenEye....007 and I go way back.

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