The excitement over aging...

So, I'm 27 now. It's not such a big deal. Steve says I'm "officially old" now that I have reached the whopping age of 27. I think the fact that it's semi-knocking on 30's door is what causes the slight palpitation in my heart. But, now, looking at life, thirty isn't such a big deal....forty, now that's something to wince about.
Who really cares about age?

The history of the excitement over aging:

15-Yay, I can get a learner's permit and scare my parents and every other human who comes within remote distance of the car I am driving.

16-I'm officially a holder of the driver's license--which in my case didn't matter to a hill of beans because I had no car, my mother drove a van at the time, and my father drove (and still does, bless his heart) a standard, 1985 Toyota pick-up truck.

18--I can....buy cigarettes OR join the military...no thanks, I'll pass.

20-Alright! I'm no longer a teenager. Hmmmm, that means I can no longer blame the stupid things I do on the fact that I am indeed a teenager...crap.

**random tangent: I can remember my best friend, Lauren, calling me the weekend before she was to turn 20...she was freaking out,and it was hilarious.

21-Yes, bartender, I'll have a whatchamadoodle with a splash of something disgustingly fruity. And boy did I. Blech.

25-For some reason I was excited about twenty-five. Maybe I finally felt like I had "grown up" and left my silly, immature days behind me. That doesn't hold true though, because there are still many days when I find myself wondering how on Earth I arrived to a certain present moment in time and still felt like some sort of juvenile.

Now I know there will come a time when aging will become exciting again....AARP card, anyone?
But, I think that the many years in between are just calendars to be crossed off. Time that I will spend living and doing and becoming.

And I'm ok with that.


  1. First of all, GUYS are officially old at 27. Chicks are old at 25. But yeah, once you hit your twenties, bithdays are a celebration that you made it another trip around the sun. Considering the mind-staggering number of things out there that can kill you, I consider it quite an accomplishment.

  2. Ahhh, I remember that weekend of calling you...probably sounded pretty similar to the time I called you freaking out about being engaged...planning a wedding....getting pregnant...etc., etc., etc.! :)


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