Is it wrong to constantly think of food?

This Friday my awesome brothers and sisters in law along with Steve and I are going on a triple date! So fun! We have plans to see the X-Men Origins Wolverine movie and eat Hibachi (a word I cannot ever spell correctly as politely reminded by my squiggly red line).

I am totally pumped for several reasons.
#1. I love X-Men. Seriously. The first time I ever saw X-Men (mind you this was only 3 years ago) I watched the entire first movie and put in the second movie immediately after the credits rolled. I cannot honestly think of another time when I have watched two movies back-to-back. I don't even think I took a bathroom break. AND I so badly wanted to see X-Men 3 in the theater, I went by myself! It is the only movie I have been to alone.
#2. I love to hang out with my Taylor family. We (mostly they) are super fun and super sarcastic. I love it. Good times always.
#3. WE. ARE. EATING. HIBACHI. (damn you, red line!) Just knowing this is going to get me through the week. (sad, isn't it?)
Plus I hope our chef looks as excited as the dude in the picture above.

Alisa mentioned these plans, I guess in the middle of last week....I haven't stopped thinking about the hibachi since.

What is wrong with me?

ps: Here's a Taylor family photo...at our best, no doubt. When I think about how Faith looks now then look at this picture, it makes me giggle.

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