Running sounds.

I'm training to run a marathon. Usually I run with a friend, Suzanne. However, this week I will have to run some by myself, including a seven mile trek on Saturday. I'm thinking that the key to my future success is going to be Omar---my trusty iPod Nano.

Compiling a list of songs that will encourage me, keep me going, convince me to keep putting one foot in front of the other has become a difficult task. I need upbeat music....

What are you running to?

[I hate ending sentences with the word "to," but how stupid would "To what are you running?" Ugh, lame]

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  1. 7 miles?!?!? Slow down killer! Wait for me to catch up! :) We will be in town Friday-Sunday! The house may be sold, so I may need help watching Maddie while I pack up my parent's house...you available??


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