Summer Project Numero Uno.

I like to be busy. This summer I have a number of things I would like to accomplish. I'm starting on that list today.

1. Make curtains for the bedroom.

Mind you, I have never actually sewn anything in my life. I'm just going to wing it; we'll see how it goes.

**Edit: I am such a liar! I HAVE made something, two somethings! I made Christmas stockings for Steve and me this year. Pshaw, I'm a pro. These curtains will be a cinch.


  1. Didn't you also make our makeup bags from the wedding??

  2. While no Christmas stocking that I've ever seen has truly resembled any type of legitimate footwear, yours may have been the furthest away. Of course, it's my favorite stocking ever. Get cracking on those curtains. The "blinds" are making me just that every morning. I swear they're brighter than the actual sun.

  3. Dang. And I made the bags. I had some serious help on that though


What say you?