I like today's date...it's the simple things in life, you know.

Just like my feelings for:

1. Diet coke
It must be in a can or a plastic bottle, never poured in a glass or over ice. ick.

2. singing in the choir at church
This is new for me. I am singing alto, and when I actually hit one of the harmonized notes correctly I feel a powerful sense of accomplishment.

3. falling asleep on the couch while a dvd plays
There is something so wonderful about this to me...strange.

4. morning sleep
Why does sleep always feel the best when I have to get up?

5. blueberry PopTarts
New to my breakfast rotation, and climbing the charts!

6. Vera Bradley's new patterns
Hello, cupcake pink and green! Hurry Christmas!

7. a good pen
I will waste a good ten to fifteen minutes looking for a certain pen...ridiculous

8. creative outlets
For example, today I spent time decorating the front of my old, crappy podium with scraps of paper leftover from a student project. Tomorrow I plan on sprucing up my plain clipboard with a Bible verse and some pictures.

9. pictures of myself and others
I know vanity is a sin. You shut up. So is judging others.

10. SHJHS cheerleaders
Did you know I'm the cheerleading sponsor? I was very apprehensive at first, but I am loving every minute! They are a great group of girl!

11. "Never Think"
Rob.ert.Pa.tin.son. It's unhealthy. Really, it is. His voice paralyzes me. That's probably a sin too.

12. a good book
I never have time to read anymore, but I love book suggestions. A teacher-friend just gave me My Sister's Keeper. I haven't seen the movie, but I know it's going to require some tissues.

13. Damien Rice
I have been using his photo as a bookmark for the past four years. It's Steven's fault; he introduced us.

14. the feeling I get after a good run
Not necessarily the feeling I get during the run, but the accomplishment and exhaustion feels good, like I've done something.

15. cute animal things
You know, puppies, kittens. like this. or this. and this. especially this.

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  1. This is funny and interesting to me, I may steal this for a post of my own. Until then, my thoughts:

    Diet Coke, can: great, glass over ice from a can: even better! Amazed we disagree.

    Falling asleep on the couch: always something about that! I think it takes me back to when it happened as a kid and dad carried me to bed.

    A good pen: there is a blog called stuff whit people like. I think a good pen should be added to the list. I know I'm a sucker for one.


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