I am resolved.

I don't do New Year's resolutions, but I like the idea of starting over. Usually I pick the beginning of a month or week, so why not go with the beginning of 2010?
So I've set some (mostly) doable goals for the upcoming year--or at least as far into the year that they will last.

1. READ.
-fiction, nonfiction, my BIBLE, biographies-I'd like a really good bio to read; I've not read many in the past but two of my favorites are Teacher Man by Frank McCourt and Educating Esme by Esme something .

I find more and more that I am lacking pertinent information about events, people, ideas in the Bible. I not only want to read the Bible, I want to learn how to support and share my beliefs.

I'm thinking a 3-mile run every morning will be a good start to the day. Plus I'm really wanting to get in shape....GOOD shape and starting the day with some exercise might help me want to do another type of exercise after work. It's like tricking myself into exercising.

4. Count my blessings.
I'm stealing this idea from a blog I cannot find at the moment, but will find and note later.

5. SLOW down.
Life is going by too quickly...I'm slowing down. I hate the feeling that I don't have time or I wish I had taken the time to do something. I'm doing it this year....whatever it is, I'm doing it.

The closets and I are going to have a knock-down over the next few weeks...it's going to be great.

7. SAVE.
I want to save as much money as possible this year. Steve and I have some friends that are looking to move to Ireland, so we will want to go for a visit if this happens. Also there is talk of a Trans-Siberian Railroad adventure....I'm pretty sure that is expensive and possibly dangerous.

I don't promise a daily post. I don't even promise a weekly post, but I'd like to do better here. For stress relief if nothing else.

9. SEW!
I should have put this first. Steve gave me a sewing machine for Christmas. I spent some serious money and time in JoAnn Fabric in Austin with Katie and am now prepared for at least 3 projects. My first few projects will be quilts/blankets, and then I hope to move into other fun things.

I thought about joining in on this fun, but I have serious commitment issues. I'd hate for a blog idea to fail because I cannot commit. I'd like to learn more about taking pretty pictures. I know a great deal of what I see and love is Photoshop grandeur, but I'd like to develop an eye for good photo ops. Maybe one day I can master the Photoshop look. (considering that I don't even own Photoshop, this might be hard.)

I think I'll give a monthly update. Because I know you care about my silly little goals.

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  1. Erin, love the list. I'm also not so much a fan of resolutions, but have some things I want to work on and am currently compiling my own list.

    Also, if you want to post on Today Looks Like This on occasion, that works too. I think my mom is going that route. Let me know.


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