Mississippi Snow

and one wide-awake kid-at-heart.

I woke up with a near heart attack at 4:58 when my assistant principal called to deliver the news--no school.  I decided to take a look out of the bedroom window.  I honestly could not believe it.  I woke Steve up and made him get out of bed to look...I'm sure he was super excited about that.  (Actually, he probably won't even remember it.)  Serves him right for snoring all night.
Instead of going back to sleep, I put on a coat and boots and head outside.  And then I called and woke up Noele....she will be much more forgiving.  It was beautiful!  I love it! I stayed outside for about 30 minutes--until my hair was wet enough to start curling.

In this moment, I am wishing I had gone to the grocery store and bought a few things: eggs, bread, tomato soup.  Tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich is the best meal in cold weather....hands down.  I will have neither of those today, the ONE snow day I've been granted in my five years of teaching.

We will have to settle for left-over pizza.

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