And one more for the road

Every Monday Steve and I watch a movie.

We call this MOVIE MONDAY.
I LOVE movie Monday.

Thanks to Netflix we are broadening our feature film horizons. We sometimes go in themes such as Oscar-winners OR movies Erin should have seen by now. (I can go ahead and say that most movies fall under this category.)

Steve usually gets to pick the movie for two reasons:
#1-As previously stated, I have not seen many good movies.
#2-If by some small (very small, I assure you wink, wink) chance I fall asleep during the movie, Steve is still happy.

In the past few months/years, I guess--we began this way before getting married or even engaged--I snoozed through the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the Star Wars trilogy, I Heart Huckabees (yuck), Lost in Translation (good nap there), and so on and so on... I did actually stick with the LOTR and Star Wars until I watched every second of each movie (not necessarily in one sitting). I REALLY liked them!

Steve has a super-long list of movies that I will be attempting to watch.

This Monday we watched:
The Gnome Mobile

Erin's rating:
Eh, it was good. Apparently it's a kid-classic. How can I not like a classic?

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