A new plan

If I get the idea of starting a new plan, be it a "diet," an exercise plan, or some sort of bettering agenda, I can never seem to begin in the middle of some week. I must always wait for the beginning of a month OR a Monday.

So weird.

Well, tomorrow is Monday.

I tend to over-set my goals. I think I just made up that term, but anyway...
I want to be healthier. Always. So if I make a goal to exercise this week, I will also make a goal to eat healthier, which really means to eat less. BUT, when I exercise, I want to eat MORE.

It's such a horrible cycle.

It will never work, but tomorrow I will try (again and again) to exercise more and eat less.

I have recently learned that a few specific goals can help one achieve her desired results more easily because of some psychological mambo jambo, so here it goes...

Specific goals:
1. Eat fewer carbs ( I can already here Steve: carbs aren't bad!. Yes, honey, I know. But Erin + carbs = balloon effect. Not lovely. Plus, I said FEWER, not ZERO.
2. Exercise for at least 30 minutes each day. Now, this seems like crap, I know, but I have to start small. I just do. I dream of P 90 X, but we'll see.
3. Limit myself to one sweet item each day. I could probably cut this to one every other day, but I'll wait until next week for that.
4. DRINK WATER! (I do this, but sometimes I forget and get a diet coke from the drink machine. Mmmm, diet coke, how I'll miss you.)

Wish me luck.

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  1. good luck! I am familiar with this cycle-- it happens to me every January 1 in the form of resolutions, and often entails me buying much needed "equipment" for whatever said goals may be-- and then never using any of it. ever. Sigh.....


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