“Is it weird in here, or is it just me?”

Today I was walking down the hall at school with a banana in my hand and had the strongest urge to hold it up to my face like a telephone. And I did.

I can only play two songs from memory on the piano...the Battle Hymn of the Republic and the Star Wars Ceremony theme. And I don't even play them in the correct rhythm.

Today, I also slipped on a student's backpack (my foot went through the arm strap and I skidded across the floor making some squealy, startled noise--students love it when this happens) as I was walking around my classroom, and I pulled something in my back. It's getting stiffer by the minute!

One day I hope to be able (read: to afford) to make things organically and from scratch--pizza sauce, biscuits, pasta, and other random delicious things, not because I think they are healthier (which they probably are), or because I want to be "granola" (a term I just heard recently), but simply because I CAN. (I do kinda want to be granola though; hence my mission to grow out my long, wavy hippie locks again.)

Oh. my. gosh.
I just realized what a "BLONDie" is! It's (kinda) the opposite of a BROWNie!
I'm a genius.

The printer in my classroom HATES me. Boo.

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  1. You are totally granola at heart! And I never put the whole Brownie/Blondie thing together...you are BRILLIANT!

    See you in less than a week!


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