Oprah is full of crap.

Really, is c-r-a-p offensive? Sometimes I spell it out because in my mind that makes it less of a "bad word." Mr. T is most likely going to tear up that statement because he adopts a strong belief system about "bad words" and what makes them "bad". Anyway, my third grade students firmly believed that crap was indeed a bad word. I know, I know, what kind of adult would say crap to a classroom of third graders--well, me, but only once, er, or twice.

This is NOT what I intended this post to be about. At all.

How weird.

Amanda is jumping in Italy. I am sneezing in Mississippi.

I'd rather be sneezing in Italy. Or drinking wine. And eating PASTA. Oh, pasta, how I miss you---more on this later; there's a new diet in town.

Check out these people.
They are debt free. I'm impressed. Steve says it's because of child labor. Either way, pretty cool.

My students in first period today were talking about Bonsai...the restaurant, not the tree; although the trees are pretty cool.
I killed a Bonsai tree once.

Fun fact: Steve and I went on our first "date" to Bonsai. We were in eighth grade. I wore an atrocious green polo shirt. And PoFolks on Ellis Avenue burned down that day.

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  1. When I read "Mr. T is most likely . . ." I thought you were talking about the real Mr. T. I thought maybe I'd missed a song on his Mr. T's Commandments album and somehow you knew it when I didn't. The foundations of my world were starting to crumble until I realize that you were talking about me. And, yes, "crap" is a bad word. It is, as my old youth minister would say, "secondary cussing."


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